Rodney Jones here.  Here's a little bit about me.

I'm a work-a-holic that found that games really relax me. 

I love auto racing.  More specifically Nascar.  Again, I'm Old Skool and a Babyboomer.  So naturally,  I love old and the new racing games.  I especially like how real physics is applied to the dynamics of the cars.  I could talk until you're blue in the face about entry, middle and exit speed of a corner and racing in general.

As for as other games are concern, my son Chris is my technical advisor regarding RPG's, Shooters, etc. 

I'm a musician. I play keyboards (piano, organ, synthesizer).  I don't play much now, but I played in a professonal band back in the day from '71 - '77.

I love Basketball, Baseball, Football and Hockey.  I'm from Philly, you guessed it, go Sixers, Phillies, Eagles and Flyers.

I'm into technology, my offline work involves marketing and selling computers, printers and related software and hardware.

Much Fun,

Rodney Jones

RLJ Global Enterprises, LLC