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My son Chris doesn't like cowboy western games. That's why I was surprised at his answer when I asked him, “why are you interested in Red Dead Redemption? You know what he said? Because Rock star made it, he was automatically interested. What is appealing to him is it's multiple stories of heroes and bandits, gold rushes and simple homesteaders which gives him tons of things to do . Rockstar, the group made famous for its Grand Theft Auto series, changed the Wild West. No game maker has made a western like Red Dead Redemption. The bar has been risen.

Red Dead Redemption could have inspired the cliche, “history repeats itself” because it's storyline contain the same issues like racism, immigration, government power and personal freedoms. In doing this, Rockstar has made a realistic and authentic game.

Red Dead Redemption puts you in the foot steps of John Marston, a former outlaw who has gone straight. You find out it's tough for him to leave his troubles behind. It's a setup that is almost cliche, but this is only the beginning of your adventure.

The storyline of Red Dead Redemption will take you all over a huge strip of countryside that covers both sides of the border of U.S. and Mexico. Along the way you'll meet an array of blood thirsty characters as Marston attempts to set things straight. The characters are great -- all good enough to make you feel a part of the world.

If you follow the main story, it will take you about 20 hours from start to finish, though most will find it difficult because there is so much to do. As Chris said, it is made by Rockstar, they're well known for the open world sandbox. Plus, the Rockstar Social Club, a free online community that connects to the game, offers additional challenges and leaderboards to encourage even more replay. If you're looking for one game to occupy you for months, this is it.

Red Dead Redemption is a magnificent game with an incredible attention to detail. The art direction, the scenery is superb. The land you can explore is immense and dotted with towns, ruins, and different environments that all feel unique.

As you begin to make a name for yourself, the world of Red Dead Redemption reacts to your reputation. The question of ethics and morality is left up to the player. You can be a good guy or a bad guy. A little morality meter, alongside a separate fame bar tracks your actions and the citizens you come across will begin to react to you accordingly. It's a system that allows for a huge amount of freedom and then rewards you for exploring it.

Be careful, like many Rockstar games we know, that freedom you're able to perform will surely be considered indecent by some people.

This world feels alive. There are things happening everywhere you turn. From birds screaming out of the bushes as your horse thunders by to a bear ready to tear down your horse and bring Marston to his knees.

Red Dead Redemption is an impressive game that will entertain and challenge you for hours and hours.

Much Fun,

Rodney Jones

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